15 Μαρ 2009

How "FYRO Macedonians" in Skopja, see Bulgaria?
See MAKNEWS here
"Once again, the alleged descendants of the turkic-mongol tribes of Khan Asparuh -- the Bulgarians -- have expressed their national frustrations during a cultural event, this time during the renowned Leipzig, Geremany book fair.

Milen Radev, a paid Tatar propagandist and collaborator for the Bulgarian Intellogence Service (DS), denied the Macedonian language and nation after he was included in a section of a magazine of MACEDONIAN literature. The Macedonian delegation of poets in Lepzig took on Radev and called his thesis "pro-fascist."
These guys in Maknews, use always the same lie: "he/they.. denied the Macedonian language and nation..."
Look my friends: No-one denies your nation or language! You have your nice lang, you are a proud nation, you have your beautiful country, your important history, but all these are not "Macedonian" !
Simply, you are Slavs. You know that! Where is the problem????

It is so nice to be a proud Slav !
Why not???? Why you prefer to be "Makedonoeidi"?
Meanwhile, in the center of Skopje, some "Macedonian" louds: I AM BULGARIAN! Look my passport! 200.000 people here, want to self-determine as BULGARIANS!
......................And of course, police arrested him.

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