19 Ιουν 2012

Open Letter to Greek Public Interested in FYROM vs. real Makedonia Conflict

By Vasil Gligorov, 19-VI-2012.

Our- Hellene and Philhellene - struggle has proven inadequate to combat national mysticism whose functional morphology is not so much readily apparent in the single take. Years after years, with growth of networking quality of politically motivated people to put an end to the farce of parallel Macedonia, much of opportunity has been lost. The sly wit of vrhushka of Pseudomacedonian ...

state where monopoly-holding VMRO reestablish, modifies, introduces novelties, methodically and mercilessly, pragmatically and in Machiavellian manner, results of work by combined three emergent factors, may soon block the system inside. With that, it is not meant that Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia shall experience any material or social degradation out of itself.

The centuries of development of Bulgarian psyche, creating Zoon Economicus, give little plausibility to any apocalyptic scenario. Nor should we lend further comment about strength of centrifugal forces of FYROM's, as these are unpredictable aggregates of factors where everything is only an educated guess, rather than something resulting from retrospectives and other analytical approaches. While their validity is certain and welcome in clearly black & white snapshots of the situation, both the internal and external insight into politics brings rarely something above common knowledge.

However, critical cross-comparissons and palliative measures ought to be created in their multitude. Underestimation of what FYROM's Pseudomacedonian ideology which has so far broken differences of class, age, profession, microgeographic location would be as nihilist as focusing on the obvious – and thus in no need of comment and which is related to well-know facts surrounding and emanating from north Hellenic classical antiquity. This letter only provides definition-like and recipe-like of Pseudomacedonian power structure, in form of view from inside, in which objectivistic methodology is much more in struggle with subjective.

As for the later, I would like that success and onset of changes of certain states of mentality based on discursive 'twisting' of obvious facts in order to make it more 'interesting'. While the later are natural phenomena in fields of life of lesser gravity and complexity, any future Hellenic and Philhellenic effort should be based on several fronts which are possibly to form, develop, integrate into existing semiotic defense factors and get its own, preferably spontaneous, crispy, clearly defined strategy and tactics.

And present tactics (historicism of a disunited and not organized into implication serving XXI century political feuds. kind; decline in dedicated protagonists) and strategy (creating situation where FYROM ruling forces justify itself in front of their own constituency with paranoid overtures) have not lead to tearing of FYROMian Serbo-Bulgarian consensus to keep deconstructing and reconstructing Greek (not only Macedonian-Hellenic) in postmodern, fluid, top-down, adiscursive with industrious, megalomaniac. Indeed, a number of defeatist (Denko Maleski) or realist-pessimist (Ljubčo Georgievski, Miroslav Grčev), a well-informed witnesses of their time produce noticeable conclusion that the identity of “ethnic Macedonians” has been irreversibly, retroactively and with narrative modification, changed the complexity and strength of “Macedonian” self-identification.

Even SDSM does not recognize the modification with a qualifier for erga omnes usage as acceptable, although it is likely that conservative, rightist and nationally oriented center-leftist in Greek government, after dust settles, provide (rightfully so) even more clear position in defense of exclusive Hellenic Macedonian integrity.

THUS, four projects should result in ongoing form, with changed perspective, from restructured teamwork
1. FUNCTIONAL PHYSIOLOGY of centers of power in FTROM: economic, cognitive, political, academic. Contacts, prior to which tailored case-presentation should be used for access, should focus on causal dichotomy of poverty and quasi-nationalism.

2. DELEGITIMIZATION of current borders as unrepresentative with their function to Slavic (Serb and Bulgarian), Eastern Romanic (Vlach) and Greek population, with full rights to Albanains and other Muslims. Pointing up to their unnatural coupled with non-natural internal administration. Albanian-Slavic and Bulgaro-Serbian conflicts of variety of non-combat types shall complicate things further.
3. INTRODUCTION OF REALITY OF ANCIENT MACEDONIA in FYROM. This could be only done multidisciplinary as task impossible without creations in novo of supportive structures compatible with legitimacy and legal system of FYROM. A complete detoxification program which would take advantage, in addition to conservative measures, of electronic depositories of knowledge. Revitalization of Greek language studies in the lower fifth of the territory of FYROM and rigorous studies of ethnology, in synthesis with anthropology, linguistics, historical demography post Slavic settlement.

4. COUNTERING FYROM's DIASPORA TO FORGE A MACEDONIAN IDENTITY. It is too often wrongly assumed that FYROMian diaspora, being acculturated from any Pro-Slavic self cognition. Severing of links by countering them in same time and not as reaction to any solemn and pathetic examples of stronger “Macedonizing” abroad, as the historical truth works for the Greek side (here again reform in its presentation is inevitable necessity).


Fundamental principles of civilized action, effective and brief contemplation, in-depth research of Cold War politics, securing communication with internal dissatisfied individuals of influence and organization (best done in bright day type of transparency) are demands of present time. Capturing solely Greek imagination with another reliving of what is well known to adult population is a trend which is not quite inconsequential and should be replaced with other, less introverted and more entrepreneurial tasks in difficult times ahead.
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