BREAKING NEWS: Zoran Zaev is FYROM's New PM; The Era of Nikola Gruevski Ended

17 Μαΐ 2017

The President of FYROM, who initially refused to approve the mandate for Prime Minister to social-democrat Zoran Zaev, after prolonged and extensive pressure from the Western factor, decided to grant today (17-May-2017, 12.00 AM local time) to Zaev.

This marks the end of an era in the country dictated by now deposed Nikola Gruevski, far-right dictator, the hallmark of his 11 year long rule was the idea that "Macedonians" of FYROM type are "descendants of Ancient Macedonians and creators of entire culture of humankind".

EU officials congratulated Zaev for the approved mandate, which was granted to him in the Presidential Palace in Skopje.

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