WIKIPEDIA: The fascism of popularity or the popularity of fascism?

22 Απρ 2009

NEW STORY FOR THIS: το Republic of Macedonia έγινε Macedonia στη wikipedia
The fascism of popularity or the popularity of fascism?
Wikipedia has changed its article title about Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia into "Macedonia", abandoning the older "Republic of Macedonia". It' s worth mentioning that the first title Wikipedia was using about FYROM had the title "The former yugoslav republic of Macedonia".
It is the well known path that other organisations have followed in order to change the truth - it is characteristic that the maps of National Geographic about the Balkans have followed the same road...
The reason for that change was the right of every country for self-determination, that many(?) readers of Wikipedia have mentioned. This is the most modern way to cover fascism: mention the right of self-determination and all of a sudden you are "tresspassing" all the rights of the other side. Of cource, the rights of the other side are not concidered, not even the same right for self-determination, if conviently enough this side is not liked by the majority(?) of readers, or whoever runs the site.
I would suggest that in their countries abandon the law on fraud or fake identity, since every man has the right to self-determination and whatever this bring with...
It's the law of popularity, as an american - obviously, raised with the deeper values of democracy and freedom of speech - has described it in the official forum of European Commission: "In this forum your views are unpopular and here is where THIS debate is. If your opinion is popular on other forums, then take it there"

We have reached this level where truth, international legality, and freedom of speech have become a matter of popularity.. And I ask: what is then our difference from the totalitarian regimes? Have we any difference from the way the Nazi regime was working in Germany or the other dictatorships all over the world?
I wonder when the works of Nicholas Hammond or the other important historians will be changed, in order to "respect" the right of self-determination of some frauds, or to be "popular"....

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  1. When you speak about fascism, brachko, you must be reffering to your country whose name, rightly, should be something like Grkomanoalbanovlachia. Your country denies minority rights, is condemned by EU, OSCE and UN for its fascist practices. So instead of looking elsewhere look first in the mirror.

  2. My country, brachko, accepts all minorities that are minorities.
    As you probably know, here in Thessaloniki, is MACEDONIA.
    So, of course we cannot accept a "Macedonian" minority inside Macedonia.
    If there is a remarkable minority i.e. "Bulgarian", let's talk !

    But forget it!!!

    There will never be a "macedonian" minority here in Macedonia.Don't be confused brachko!

    With respect

  3. Your country, brachko, accepts ONLY a Muslim minority and denies any other. The whole world knows that the Muslims are actually Turks (ask them if you don't beleive me)so your first statement is false. Salonica was a capital of Macedonia before 1913 and maybe it will be so again one day. Who can not accept a Macedonian minority (which was a majority before you killed and expelled them)? The Pontians, the Arvanites, the Vlachs, the refugees from Asia Minor or the Grkomans?

  4. If you ask the muslims in Thraki, you will find out that there are three groups: pomacks, ROMA and those who tell that are turks. The first two groups want no relation with turks, they on the contrary want to attend greek schools and not minorities - they don't want to learn turkish or be associated with anything turkish. So it would be FASCISTIC to name the entire minority "turkish", whereas a great percentage of the people are and feel greeks: this may happen in FYROM, but here is Greece.
    Also, note that "muslim" is the term with which the minority is recognized in the international treaties.
    As for your "oppressed" brothers, they are often guests on TV programs and allowed to tell their views, didn't they? Mr Tsaknias beat a 12year child and build a huge church. They have fortunes that you can't even dream.. And they have their political party that participate in elections. Not much of fascism..
    On the other hand, in your country except than the albanian parties there no others, e.g. Bulgarians - remember the decision of the european court that condemns your country for banning the organization some people belonging to the bulgarian minority had created? So, I suggest you look the situation of your minorities, like the bulgarians who are forbidden to identify themselves as "bulgarians", the greeks whose existence in FYROM is denied, the ROMA for whom every international report condemns FYROM, the homosexuals, even the muslims have complaints.
    Not to mention your behaviour towards those who dare to utter a different opinion than the opinion of your government. They are imprisoned in psychiatric clinics, or get fired from their works.
    You know all these are not the definition of democracy.

  5. Greece never expelled or killed anyone. The proof is the steadily increasing number of Greek muslims (some of them of call themselves Turks) in Thrace. The muslim population (of Turkish and Pomak origin) has more than doubled the last 80 years. On the contrary of the 200.000 Greek population in Constantinople are only 1.500 left.

    As for Greeks who were speaking the Bulgarian idiom (that you call Macedonian) and participated in the Greek Civil War (1944-1949)helping the communis partizans, they left Greece willingly in order to avoid punishment for the terrible crimes they commited during the axis occupation and the communist rebellion.

    Since you are so interested in human rights could you tell me what happened to the Greeks who used to live in the Yugoslav part of Macedonia? Thousands of Greeks used to live in Monastir. What happened to them?

    And who are these Grkomans you refer to? Is this a new race? You are so sensitive to self determination but you CREATE a new race in order to support the myth of the Slavomacedonian nation.

  6. Here is something that shows what is what:


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